My name is Aria Krishnamurti. For all those who know me, you know that I am utterly lit-up when it comes to anything to do with fashion or any new artsy idea. But let’s talk about who I really am.

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Not just a brick in the wall

NOT JUST A BRICK IN THE WALL – Yesterday, I went to Spitalfields Market, which, for me, is unlike any other market. It is home to diverse stalls and shops, with several independent shop-owners setting up their stalls on different days of the week. One that stood out for me was an original, charming Russian vintage stall with clothes from the 40s. The market has everything from vintage clothes and shoes to handmade bags, jewellery, arts, crafts, and antiques. And lots of food options as well! Then I walked on to Brick Lane. As I walked I couldn’t help but stop to notice all of the interesting graffiti on the walls, and a continuous chain of little vintage boutiques. More recently, the area has also broadened to being a vibrant area for art and fashion students, with considerable exhibition space. Each year, most of the fine art and fashion courses exhibit their work near Brick Lane. If you are visiting London, please visit both these places – it is definitely worth spending a whole day there. It is a lot more than just another brick in the wall! 

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