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Lakme fashion week, day 1

LAKME FASHION WEEK (Day 1) – So it’s my first Fashion Week as “StyleMeAria”- the fashion blogger. I was so excited with the whole atmosphere and energy! There have been so many winter/autumn shows and with every show, we see so much refreshing talent popping out from every corner. I shall do a whole post on how and what people wore very soon! The first day, there were about 5-6 shows. To name a few, 

Krishna Mehta Soumitra 

Huemn/ Ilk / Qurik box 

Nikhil Thampi / Payal Singhal 

and the Grazia Young Fashion Awards winners 2015

I loved all the shows as each of them had their own beauty and style factors. My personal favourite was Quirkbox- it’s peppy, full of love (<3) and as chic as it gets – the print on print, the colours, the cuts that give the clothes that 3rd dimension and volume of character. 

Payal Singhal, as always, had her classy ethnic attires on display, very natural and elegant, with outfits that had international volumes of texture and layers and yet with an Indian traditional feel to the prints. 

Nikhil Thampi had gold as his main story, with twists of different shades of black and beige. The collection was strong, fierce, and bold, just like the man himself. 

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