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How to pack for winter vacations


Hi all my lovelies, how are you? First off, can you guess which brand I collaborated with for this winter travel special? These funky looks are my creations for you guys with the universally favourite brand, Zara.

Zara has always been one of my favourite stores and and I’m so happy that I could collaborate with them to style these looks for all of you!

So firstly, as this is December, and Christmas and New Years are around the corner, a whole lot of you guys must be planning all kinds of travels, in and around India and some abroad. I’m here to help you pack light and yet look your best!

Tips on sensible packing-

1. Always pack your basics- that would be your white/black tank tops, a pair of well-fitted blue jeans, a basic LBD, something sparkly that you could also convert into a day/night look.

2. Pack your most comfortable shoes that you can do all your sightseeing in. Also a pair of pumps that could be a neutral colour. If you’re traveling abroad in winter, carry a pair of smart-looking boots!

Apart from all the basics, you see how I paired this blue pant and suit jacket. This is something you might wear to the airport. The white tank top and white high-tops make this outfit casually smart. You could even wear a nude/white pair of pumps and a statement necklace and jazz-up the outfit for a formal lunch out or an office meeting. I love that belt that i I added for the blue jacket look. You can even use it on a body-con dress or a long skirt and crop top for a dinner out in the new city you are exploring.

Coming to the faux leather jacket with the black faux leather culottes look. This look is extremely biker-chic, an outfit for a wild night out on the town. I paired it up with these black culottes and my black ankle boots with silver hoop earrings, giving it a very leather on leather look. You could even wear it with an electric blue/red skater skirt and wear the leather jacket with a bustier or tank top, with knee-length boots. Otherwise you could just style it the way I did! All black and very bold! Or even tuck-in a long shirt into a pair of jeans and the leather jacket and you are good to go. I felt that the black aviator sunglasses go very well with this look as it’s an all-black outfit and I just have a hint of red on the lips.

The next outfit is a very simple basic paired with basic. A black tank top with a pair of black leggings and my ankle-length boots, with this textured winter faux fur long jacket. Also, my all-nighter travel bag, which ironically goes super well with this outfit, although that would be my travel outfit in a cold city abroad. I love building up on my necklaces, so I’ve put together 2-3 sets of different types of black beaded neckpieces. A simple outfit like that could be jazzed up so well by that faux fur jacket as well as a string of black pearls or a statement neckpiece.

The last outfit is basically a lot of mixing and matching – the fringe crop top is what I selected from Zara and the rest I put together to come up with a fun travel look. The hat is a must when you travel, whether it’s warm or sunny. always carry a hat, in whatever colour you want. This fringe top could even be transformed into a dressy night look with some funky accessories, head gear, some bright red lipstick, and you are set!
Otherwise you could even change it from a day outfit to a night outfit- wear it with a pair of ripped jeans or a short skirt, so that the fringe is prominent. This could also be one of your concert looks, with shorts and a pair of reflector sunglasses.

A lot of things can be done with these pieces of garments that I used to style these looks. Or you could just follow my footsteps and style your outfits just like I did. 😉

That’s all for now, enjoy the pictures, Happy holidays! 


PHOTOGRAPHY – ARPITA PATEL PASSIONOGRAPHER- https://www.facebook.com/Arpita-Patel-Passionographer-440783172702176/?fref=ts


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