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UDD X StyleMeAria


Hi, my darling followers and people reading this post!

You must be wondering what I’ve have cooked up for you this time around.
Well, let me just start by telling you, you are going to LOVE this post, these designs, and this concept as much as I do. I collaborated with the wonderful textile artist Yuti Edward and her husband Atul Edward- their brand’s name is UDD (which means ‘to fly’ in Hindi).
Udd is a brand for the free-spirited woman who lives life with fervour. It’s also a brand for the artist and Udd has set out to create a community of Indian tribal, rural and urban artists, translating their talent into unique Udd pieces of wearable art.The designs are a confluence of ancient knowledge, traditional techniques, and modern technology. And the journey has taken them and the Udd tribe from learning indigenous crafts from weavers in Bhuj to breathing new life into the fading artistic traditions of the Warli people, and intriguing collaborations with artists abroad.

UDD recently launched their latest collection called “Totem Tandav”, which celebrates a sense of kinship and pays tribute to the Bohemian tribals and their legacy. The brand has borrowed the word ‘totem’ from the ‘Totem Pole’, a North American monumental sculpture carved on the trunk of a large tree to commemorate the cultural beliefs of their tribe. ‘Tandav’, is a divine dance performance by Lord Shiva that symbolizes energy, dynamism, vitality, boldness, and strong universal forces.

Now, let’s speak about the attire I styled for Udd. The main aims of this collection are to symbolize totem and tandav, and to represent the spirit of the Udd woman, who is original, powerful, creative and in-sync with the universe. The clothes are so bold and bright and vibrant. It was extremely interesting styling each piece. The clothes definitely have an Indian feel, but somewhere this collection strongly calls out to the boho, fusion-loving, experimental woman.

Each piece has such a strong play of motifs, design, and colour-blocking. Each garment is such a style statement that you don’t really need a lot to style these outfits. I stuck to the classy Indian, bindi and silver jewellery look for the sari and styled it chic. Instead of a crop-top or blouse, I used a peplum top that fortunately matched the sari like it was made for it.

The grey dress with the motifs on the side have a pop of colour so I went super easy with the accessories and footwear. I instead wore my white high tops, which were super comfortable and perfect for the outfit. I could twirl or jump or do anything with such comfy shoes and such a playful dress.

The two dupattas that I styled were with a simple white Western shirt that I paired with brown Turkish pants. I wanted to keep the centre of attention: the colourful dupattas. So I left it super casual and focused on the prints and bold colours of the dupattas.
As you can see, I styled one dupatta, as a cape-jacket, just by adding a brown belt, and layered it with the white shirt and pants. I wore a silver and red neckpiece as I felt it jazzed up the jacket look.

These outfits were an absolute pleasure to style and I had a lovely time coming up with a fashion feature for UDD. I wish these lovely people much more power and luck this year. UDD has become one of my favourite brands to sit and drool over, and I’m so lucky I got to collaborate with them!

Definitely coming up with more UDD in the future. 🙂

Until next time, internet family. xo

PHOTOGRAPHY & LOCATION – KUSUM (She’s been my go-to photographer lately, because she’s amazing at what she does.)
Social media pages : https://www.facebook.com/Uddstories
Website : http://uddstudio.com/about
GO get your UDD piece ASAP. The wedding and events have definitely not gotten over yet- it would be such a statement to get one of these pieces.
P.S. I just want to reiterate that every piece is SO GORGEOUS, as you can see in the pictures!!

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