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Biryani Meets Vada Paw

Hyderabad meets Bombay / Biryani meets Vada Pav –

You know when you want to bring two cultures into one frame and celebrate all that is good about two diverse cities and the cultures within them? This post aims to do exactly that. So stay put and read along.

I’ve collaborated with Rohita from MyFaddedDenim to create a culturally diverse post for y’all. Using a modern perspective and silhouettes, we’ve come up with a diverse lookbook.
#StyleMeAriaXMyfaddeddenim is a collaborative post by the two of us, Rohita from Mumbai and me from Hyderabad. We tried to showcase our cultures with a modern twist. So sit back and read on.

Rohita’s Look –

Women in Maharashtra traditionally wear a saree which is nine yards in length, with a short-sleeved blouse also known as a ‘choli’. The choli covers about half the torso. Generally, this is the dress worn by older Marathi women. For our look, instead of the choli, Rohita wore a smart tank top with skinny jeans and draped the nine yard saree over that, in the typical Maharashtrian style from under the leg.

Maharashtra is the land of the Marathas and Peshwas and the women wear traditional jewellery derived from these two dynasties. Here, Rohita is sporting the Nath (which is a nose ring). We love Kolhapuri chappals (made in the Kolhapur district of Maharashtra  and famous worldwide), but here, instead of Kolhapuri Chappals, she is wearing a pair of jootis. She has her hands full of typical glass bangles. Finally, we decided to complete the look with a Suhani Pittie waist belt, which gives the outfit an Indo-Western feel. She indeed looked like the most gorgeous Maharashtrian girl!

Mixing the traditional with the modern is not a new fashion concept, but it can be seriously striking if done right.

Aria’s Look –

Now coming to the land of Nizams! Hyderabad is home to many museums, galleries, and other institutions which are major tourist attractions as well as playing a research role. There is so much history and tradition when it comes to Hyderabadi clothing. But since we decided to mix these cultural outfits with western styles, here is my take on a Hyderabadi outfit. I decided to pair these black with gold detail Sharara pants with this bold marsala men’s shirt (because I love everything oversized). I’m wearing a black jacket (made by a Hyderabadi designer) backwards, isn’t it gorgeous? Putting marsala, gold and black together has got to be my all-time-favourite combination.  

I love the regal look and feel that Hyderabadi ensembles have. Each garment is designed and created so uniquely that it makes you feel one with the royal Nizams. I decided to do my eyes with heavy kohl and wear a strong, bold marsala lip contrast. Since my jacket and border of the Sharara already have so much going on, I decided to complete this look with the very famous accessory known as Jhumar.  A Jhumar is a hair piece which is generally worn to the left side of the forehead. It is a triangular-shaped ornament with strands of pearls joined with gold.

I decided to (obviously) wear my boots with the outfit since it is such a winter wedding look and it gives the outfit the western touch that it deserves!

We had a blast conceptualising and shooting for this fashion feature. We always wanted to work together and what better way than bringing both your cultures together and creating fashion with it?

Hope you guys love it as much as we loved planning, shooting, and presenting this to you!


Conceptualising & Styling – Rohita & Aria.
Location – Yours Truly
Photography & Edits – The wonderfully creative Vyshakh. Thank you so much for handling not one, but two girls on set and our demands. You’ve outdone yourself like always!  (Link to his page: https://www.facebook.com/vyshakht)

Instagram – Find Vyshakh Thaliyil and follow his work.

Until next time! x

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