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York – England



It has been a while since I posted anything on the website, but as you know from my Instagram and other social media, I’ve been in England. I’ve had the privilege of travelling around the country, gathering content, discovering new towns, castles, apart from doing the things tourists do. I was in York this past week for my sister’s theatre production, ‘Made in India’, that has been doing the rounds in and around the UK.
We did a lot of sightseeing, sat at pubs by the river, visited the cathedral, and went for long walks along the city walls that were built by the ancient Romans. York has a Roman and Viking touch that makes it uniquely European.  I have broken down all my looks from each day of our trip. It was such a beautiful feeling shooting in another country besides India. I have always felt connected to Europe through my heart. So my feeling at home in these towns didn’t come as a surprise. I felt completely at home as I created these unique looks for all of you and shot them at these exotic locations. Dressing in these parts of the world is always as simple as it gets. Thanks to the unpredictable weather, carrying a jacket (read: wearing) is mandatory at any point of the day. The rest is whatever you’re in the mood for.
York is such a beautiful city- every corner reminds you what a beautiful land this island is. Walking along the walls of York would be my most favourite walk any time of the day. And the friendly people, always ready to make conversation or help you plan your visit, make it all the more joyous! I have listed all the places I visited in York on all my social media. If you aren’t following me there, what are you even doing?! You can find me as @StyleMeAria. I have been posting loads every day, so you can catch my daily updates there.
As for my outfits, ‘minimal’ and ‘statement’. Those are the words I would use to describe the outfits featured on this post. You need to always be comfortable while traveling, and normally comfort and style don’t match, but mixing and matching can take you places (literally)! You can always design the outfit you want, yet keep in mind that some aspects of the outfit need to be comfortable, for example, your shoes, since all you do is walk when you are exploring these places. What’s more, you don’t want to wear anything too fancy, since you’re on the go, and it’s just more practical to wear fuss-free clothing. Looking subtle yet in-style is the new thing!
(Sorry I haven’t described more details about what I wore – my sister was quite surprised by how I managed to put these looks together so quickly from my tiny pink case, given that I had packed my bags in under 5 minutes the morning we left!)  
That’s all for now. x
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More stories from the UK are on their way! 

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