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Reaching Greater Heights// Featuring ‘Bhane’

The word ‘Bhane’, pronounced “Bhaanay”, means rising to great heights, like the sun. Bhane in gurmukhi means the rising sun.

This is one amazing brand of apparel that truly enables and empowers the wearer to express her/his true self. What appeals to me about Bhane is their absolutely universal appeal. I love the fact that their clothes can be worn by any and everybody, irrespective of age, goegraphic location, background, walk of life, etc.

For this post, I have chosen a very special person- Mehboobi, who is the rising sun on the horizon of sailing. Mehboobi has already won many acolades in her field and is all set for the nationals. Mehboobi is part of the wonderful initiative “Naavika”/ “Dignity By Sports”, started by Shoheem Sheikh of the Yatch Club of Hyderabad. Let me tell you a little something about our rising star here. She was a finalist and won a medal in the Telangana Opens regatta in Chennai. She currently holds the 7th place in India and 37th place internationally.

Set up as a not-for-profit, the Yatch Club focused on economically challenged young people from government schools and sharpened its training capability to the point of producing two national champions in the sub-junior and junior categories within 6 years and many in the top 10.

Orphans and deprived children with diverse backgrounds like farming and labour, were trained to top levels during the first 6 years, and their education and nutrition funded and monitored by the YCH. Some of these talents are now serving as part time instructors at the club.

I wanted this post to reflect some of the champions that are unspoken about. These are the real heroes and I’m so glad that Bhane makes sure that “real people” are wearing and promoting their clothes. As you can clearly observe, these beautiful garments would look so good on anybody and everybody-  I cannot say this enough because this is a fact!

Mehboobi was my inspiration for this story: choosing a clothing brand that caters to people from all walks of life, and giving clothing a new meaning, from a little girl’s perspective. Mehboobi was a natural when it came to striking a pose, as you can clearly tell. It was definitely very special to have her for this visual article.

Thank you so much to the whole team for making this brilliant editorial happen! Namrata, you understood my vision in under 5 mins and have recreated all of it and more! Thank you to the Yatch Club for sponsoring this post and for connecting me with the wonderful Mehboobi. Bhane- you were the perfect brand to associate with and I wish you all the best as you rise higher and higher!


Clothing – Bhane

Styling & Makeup – Yours Truly

Photography – Capture Life (Namrata)

Location – The Yatch Club

Social Media Links – Please check out the Facebook page of the Hyderabad Yatch Club for more inspiring stories: https://www.facebook.com/YachtClubHyderabad

Photography – https://www.facebook.com/StudioCaptureLife/


Bhane – https://www.instagram.com/bhanelove/


Worked with the best team to create this for you all. Hope you like it as much as we loved curating it for you.


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