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Vaya Tyffyn x StyleMeAria

Vaya Tyffyn // “Haute Tyffyn”

I bring to you, a designer box that keeps your food warm (for a full five hours), while making you look stylish! The Vaya Tyffyn is such a user-friendly tiffin box, having been designed by top-notch engineering minds, using the finest components and blending aesthetics and science to produce a visual delight.

Now carry Tyffyn boxes that are as sleek and smart as your handbag. Who needs a fancy bag when you can carry a classy food holder instead?!

Now to tell you a little bit about this masterpiece of a ‘tyffyn’ box: it is vacuum-insulated, copper-coated with stainless steel latches that trap the heat and keep your home-cooked meal hot; it is leak-resistant, and has a design so sleek and compact that it could very well pass off as an accessory. The box comes with an uber-smart sling bag with a water-resistant coating, and it can unzip to become a table mat, which is easy to clean with just a damp cloth.

Vaya’s Tyffyn is truly a work of art, and I can vouch for it because I know how I felt when I carried it during this shoot.

This ultra-modern, compact, functional and zen-like product is perfectly suited for everyday use or for a picnic! They come in various colours and prints to suit your personality. I chose to go with the Graphite model, which is versatile and goes with any outfit. Vaya has recently launched their gold version, which is stunning and statement-making.

To match the fashion and utility of the box, the outfit I chose to wear is an orange shift dress by the amazing Kallol Datta, layered with a netted jacket. I loved how my style complemented the aesthetics of this beautifully-crafted product.

Vaya’s Tyffyn has just taken your dabba to a whole new level!

Below are the website & social media links. Do have a look at them and order your Vaya Tyffyn NOW!

Website – www.vaya.in

Instagram – @vayaindia

It was so lovely having Arpita as our photographer for this project. Have a look at her work and please go visit and follow her pages immediately.

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/arpitapatelpassionographer/

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/passionographer_/


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