My name is Aria Krishnamurti. For all those who know me, you know that I am utterly lit-up when it comes to anything to do with fashion or any new artsy idea. But let’s talk about who I really am.

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Dual Life Teacher by day, Blogger by night

Dual Life 2.0 / On Being a Teacher by Day and Blogger by Night/

Perhaps a lot of us can relate to this ‘dual life’ business. When you are a different person professionally in the daytime, and then shift careers in the evening/nighttime. Well, if you are, then I dedicate this post to you- do share your thoughts and comment on this post!

I recently began my second job as a pre-primary school teacher at Gymboree, and it has been the best choice of job for me. It is such a contrast from being a fashionista and blogger 24×7, and working with toddlers and young children feels like the most natural fit for me (together with fashion!).

Each professional endeavour is so vast in its possibilities. Thankfully, this means you can create variety in your routine and in the tasks you perform.  For me, my routine consists of curating and writing for my blog, attending fashion weeks, or working with particular brands. And now, my ‘day job’ at school comprises preparing for class, teaching pre-primary school children, and interacting with my colleagues/ the children’s parents.

All through my childhood, school had always been a treat for me, and it feels the same now too. Going to school to teach is always a stress buster. Of course, it is work and it involves juggling teaching with class prep and managing the children. You’ll find me with my laptop in between classes either preparing for my next class, or writing for my blog. But the more I do with my day, the more I enjoy it.

Doing two things I love has definitely made it easier for me to feel and stay positive and contribute to those around me. I feel surrounded by people who inspire me. I’m always joking around with my colleagues at school, and I love how they are always brainstorming with me on what to write about next, or even where to shoot. My day at school inspires me to come home and dedicate myself to the blog at night. Humans are capable of doing so much in just 24 hours!

I’ve been blessed to have supportive people in every aspect of my life. And I thank you all for following me and supporting me through my journey!

A bit about the wonderful school I work at: The Gymboree Play & Music school has been fostering creativity and confidence in children from 0-5 for over 40 years!! Today, there are over 700 locations in 40+ countries, making them the global leader in early childhood development programs. I’m so grateful to have gotten the opportunity to be a part of this international platform for children.

If you can’t tell already, I thoroughly enjoy being a teacher and blogger + stylist.

If you have interesting stories about juggling jobs, swapping careers, or leaving your current profession for something entirely different, please comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

That’s all for now. x

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