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5 Designers from Absalut Pop Up

5 Designers on StyleMeAria’s List at the ABsalut Style Exhibition Preview – 

Hola, wonderful people! If you aren’t aware yet, we currently have the monthly ABSALUT style exhibition and sale going on at the Taj Krishna hotel in Hyderabad.

The preview is always the most happening evening before the full day of enthusiastic shopping. I have been the official blogger for the AB exhibition for 2 seasons, and I’ve always been privileged enough to meet and connect with all the designers on this amazing platform.

This post is about 5 designers on StyleMeAria’s (i.e. me) list from the Absalut Style exhibition.

When you enter this bustling area with so much talent around you, you tend to make the best out of it. I got some exclusive bites from designers about their collections and some sneak peaks too! Here I have listed 5 designers who I couldn’t stop raving about. And they are as follows:

Aarti Vijay Gupta

Mrinalini Gupta

Ravage by Raj Shroff

The Meraki Project

Aditi Holani

Now coming to a bit about each designer – If you do know my style, you would know it is very eclectic, out of the box, and at least one element of the outfit needs to be eye-grabbing (or maybe the whole outfit, haha). Aarti Vijay Gupta, is known for her cutesy prints and colour combinations. Every little piece from her collections has always stolen my heart and taken it to clothing heaven. Most of her pieces are on-trend and her prints have a unique “Aarti Vijay Gupta” signature. She sure knows how to place prints on prints or space the prints out, so that the piece is balanced and does not seem to look over-the-top. You will see a lot of pastels, earthy tones, and mixed hues in every collection. I’m drawn to her pieces like a magnet and I’ve been buying her outfits at all the ABsalut Style exhibitions so far.

Mrinalini Gupta – I’ve always said this, and I shall repeat it again. Amongst the brigade of fashion designers, Mrinalini Gupta has always been on the right path with her artistic instincts and her aesthetic with every ensemble she creates. She finds inspiration in every corner and she feels inspiration does not necessarily have a definition. Straight cuts, Ombre tones and hues, and a lot of stripes and checks. Her recent collection features polo neck shift-ensembles. Slouchy sleeves and necks have also been hot on the newest collection showcased at the AB exhibition.

Ravage by Raj Shroff – As name of the brand suggests, this collection features clothes that offer sharp silhouettes and imaginative surface treatments and, yet, are still supremely user-friendly. The look and feel of every piece that you find at Ravage is undeniably international and very chic. I have fallen in love with this brand. Ravage not only sets you apart, it speaks to your identity. Each piece is stitched and made with so much love so that you can have the perfect “RavageED Look”.

The Meraki Project – The Meraki Project has a simple agenda, which is – to make clothes that have a story behind them. To make clothes that when worn, make you feel like you’re a part of something bigger. The Meraki Project has always fed the soul in terms of the coolest fashionable outfits. It aims to modernise Indian handwoven textiles into fuss-free, contemporary, eclectic and fun clothing for the woman of today.

If you asked me whether Love has an image, I would point to the love each ensemble from The Meraki Project has.

Aditi Holani – (Shoulder Lab)

Shoulder Lab was very recently introduced to me. And I must say, every season I happen to visit them, and they always make me a happy customer. Each outfit has a bit of uniqueness, a touch of different textured panels, or dramatic sleeves. Each piece has a very dramatic approach which suits my personality the most. Since my clothes need to be as or more dramatic than the last sassy interaction I’ve had. Haha.

Shoulder Lab is a perfect example of simple cut silhouettes with exaggerated necklines or textured shoulders.

I have had a blast curating this list of 5 designers from the ABsalut Style exhibition. To know more, stay tuned to all my social media updates. I’ll be coming live from the AB exhibition.

That’s all for now. x

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