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Keeping Up With Traditions

Keeping Up With The… Traditions //

I have always been fascinated with all kinds of traditional attire, whether it is a sari, a salwar suit or alternative outfits. I have been meaning to do a post on traditional outfits for ages. So I’ve finally compiled a series of traditional outfits that were worn by friends and family at a recent gathering.

Let us begin with saris. There are saris that are designed and woven for specific occasions and reasons. For instance, kanjeevaram silk or bengali saris are worn for weddings or spiritual occasions. Cotton and organdí are more casual fabrics for more everyday purposes. The prints and weaves also matter, depending on the occasion, and then, of course, the way it is draped.

As you can see, I’ve captured 5 styles of saris, each styled differently. It could be the same silhouette, but as you can see, one small element can change the whole look and feel of these traditional outfits.

We had a gala time dressing up for this occasion, where the relatively hidden South Indian side got to come out for the day! Donning these beautiful saris in all their perfect forms, were these fabulous ladies.

Keeping it simple and naturally gorgeous, we kept it minimal, without any heavy jewellery or makeup or elaborate hairstyles, since we were aiming to focus on feeling good without any fuss!

All the details of each outfit have been captured in the images. Have a look, and and comment on your favourite look!

That’s all for now. x

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