My name is Aria Krishnamurti. For all those who know me, you know that I am utterly lit-up when it comes to anything to do with fashion or any new artsy idea. But let’s talk about who I really am.

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The Revamped Wardrobe

The Revamped Wardrobe / In association with H&M

In association with H&M (Hennes & Mauritz), I created 4 looks with pieces that have totally revamped my wardrobe! As always, I went off the edge with my picks. The usual patterns you see in this post are: a little bit of metallic (you saw that coming 😀 ), florals (to feed the flower child in me), and a whole lot of camouflage, lace, velvet and denim.

All the looks created were sponsored by the company for the editorial by H&M x StyleMeAria. Each look was put together with so much passion and love, mixing genres of clothing and trends, giving not much attention to recent trends in general.

One of the looks sported a ruffled, gathered-sleeved, brightly-lit floral off-shouldered top. That top is perfect for a day when you want to keep the other elements of your outfit muted. I decided to style it with a little twist, and took this pair of metallic denim jeans for a spin! The perfect complement 🙂

Some of the looks – especially the Japanese-inspired camouflaged outfit- were quite androgynous. I mixed and matched different elements to create the layers- from a black and white striped skater skirt to a sheer lace slip which went all the way below my knees to form a little puff at the end of my skirt. That outfit was paired with these white chunky 90’s inspired sandals. My hair was swept back into a man bun, just some red lipstick, and that outfit was perfectly complete.

Each piece, when picked carefully, can be so versatile. In what way, you may ask? Each piece has its own identity and style, and even though they are statement pieces, they are all basic clothing elements that you could find in a girls wardrobe any time of any season.

One of the looks features the whole punk floral thing: the Chinese floral printed long skirt with the slit and a black punk net t-shirt tucked in. I used black velvet high-top boots with this look. The lace was multicoloured, which completely elevated the look.

I had so much fun styling these 4 looks! Be sure to check out the whole blog post and comment on my social media – let me know which look happens to be your favourite!

Featuring –

Clothing Sponsors – H & M Hennes & Mauritz

Styling & Concept – Yours Truly

Makeup – StyleMeAria

Photography and Locations – Namrata (from studio capture life)

Links to her social media- have a look and show some love! Book her for your next shoot! She’s lovely.

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/studiocapturelife/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/StudioCaptureLife

Website – https://www.capturelife.in

Stay fashionable, stay humble x

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