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Weaving A Sustainable Edit


I was recently introduced to Weaver Soul – a brand that makes sustainable fashion, with a focus on handlooms and man-produced fashion. Weaver Soul is a Hyderabad- based e-commerce portal.

They collaborated with me for Lakmè Fashion Week and made me this extremely stylish Ikat patchwork  jacket from scratch! We wanted to experiment with different types of ikat patches. I reckon there are several more ways to style this A-line jacket, but here are two! For fashion week, this outfit was the only colour I wore, which made it all the more special. The rest of my looks were seasonal grunge.

Unlike fast fashion,

slow fashion

production ensures quality manufacturing to lengthen the life of the garment. Developing a garment with a cultural and emotional connection is also pertinent to the purpose behind slow fashion. Consumers will keep an article of clothing longer than one season if they feel emotionally or culturally connected to the article of clothing. And this is exactly why I’m all about sustainable fashion, since the pieces you invest in are always classics. Not something that might disappear a season or two later.

I decided to show all of you the versatility of this piece of clothing. Since there are always “traditional” or  “Western" ways of styling an outfit, I’ve mixed a few styles and given you two looks that are possible with this jacket. You can decide whether you prefer the traditional or the trendy!


I thought I would style the jacked with a sari + this black crop-top, keeping it a tad bit modern. The sari is a cotton sari, and I’m in love with the colour combination of this outfit. Using natural fibres for this whole look, because the jacket itself is so sustainable, I couldn’t think of pairing any other fabric with the jacket other than cotton. Also it is a quick fix since a lot of people aren’t always comfortable with showing their stomachs or curves off – the jacket is a great coverup. I was going to use a belt, but I didn’t want to take away from the fall of the sari. I wore these silver jhumkis with the sari and nothing else in terms of accessories. And if you are wondering why I kept the sari plain, in terms of print on print action? I felt the beauty of the outfit was with how the colour of the sari and the jacket complement each other. P.S. Have you ever seen someone wear a cotton sari, all traditional, with jet black lip tint? You can see me don it in this post.


The second way I styled the jacket was with an asymmetrical black dress from Plantation House. I added a black chunky belt for a more fitted look. This is a look just to show you how this jacket can ‘up’ and ‘down’ any outfit! Since this is a Fall/Winter post, I made sure to wear my little fedora. I’m still in love with the marsala shade – I don’t think I’ll ever get over it. This look can be changed from a day to night look in 3 simple steps: 1) just change the footwear, 2) wear a darker shade of lip tint, and 3) maybe change that sling bag into a structured clutch or tote.

There are endless ways to style this jacket, and I hope I’ve done justice to it. Let me know in the comments below which is your favourite.

I’ve made a heart connection with Weaver Soul, and we are going to be going a long way, so stay tuned to many more exciting things. Props to them for creating this #StyleMeAria piece for me. Customising clothing hasn’t been easy, ever. But Weaver Soul made it feel like a piece of cake for me.

Make sure you follow them on their social media & visit their website, since festive season is around the corner, and I’m sure you guys are looking at new super affordable brands to shop!


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Photography has been done by the very talented and well-known – Arpita! She’s like my right hand at everything. Follow her pages for a lot of inspiration:

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