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Hyderabad Heal a Child walks for Annual Fashion Show

Hyderabad walks for HEAL-A-CHILD  – Annual Fashion Show 2017/ StyleMeAria Exclusive
Soooo- it’s that time of the year when Hyderabad’s Heal-a-Child charity organises their annual fashion show. A bunch of amazing people from the city walk the ramp to support the organisation and raise funds.
I’ve been a part of this fashion show every year in some way or the other. Two seasons ago, I walked to raise funds. This season, I was assisting back stage and helping the organisers with various necessities. It was great to look at the same event from a different perspective.
This season, three major fashion houses from Hyderabad were the style partners for the show: Angasutra, Ogaan, Origins. I personally love all of them since they’re multi-designer stores and have always had a huge range.
Here are some of my picks, spotted on the runway, although I would totally wear or style them off the runway as well! After all, we are soon entering the festivities season and it’s all about bling and accessorising.
I loved the variety between the 3 different collections. Origins is a leading fashion house in Hyderabad, started by Vivek Khurana. The collection they presented on the ramp this season was ‘A Story told in Organza’. Fully-embellished, metallic (that’s heaven for me) silhouettes with new trends such as the classic tubes, boat necks, tassels and fringes. The hues seen were mostly silver, some pastel greens, blues, and a whole lot of sparkle. The Men’s collection was a super hit, with classic black hues, and each outfit donning attachable layers, every possible style of trousers, from dhotis to straight cut and the royal fit.
Angasutra’s collection sported royal Victorian gowns, with can can layers to add volume. The hues were very bold and featured regal colours such as marsala, deep red, magenta, and different pallets of blue. Embellished shoulders and dramatic sleeves gave the collection a very European Vintage feel.
Ogaan’s collection showcased a variety of silhouettes from the big names of the industry. We spotted a few Anamika Khanna outfits. A lot of thread embroidery, embellishments, whites on whites, traditional handwork, and old embroidery methods. We even spotted some Payal Khandwala pieces. Fantastic pieces flaunted by the gorgeous people of Hyderabad!
All in all, I would say the show was a grand success. And these are my personal favourite pieces from the ramp.
P.S. I went fully comfortably chic with my dressing. Knowing I’d be running from one area to the other, I kept it simple, but of course, with a touch of StyleMeAria.
Do have a look at each store’s online presence and you can catch all the collections I spotted and talked about here. ——> https://www.facebook.com/Origins-Hyderabadhttps://www.instagram.com/originshyderabad/———> https://www.facebook.com/angasutra/https://www.instagram.com/angasutrastyle/———> https://www.facebook.com/ogaan/https://www.instagram.com/ogaanindia/
(Maybe go get something made for the festivals, Now!)
Picture Creds – StyleMeAria & https://www.facebook.com/Heal-A-Child-Foundation
That’s all for now, lovelies. x 

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