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Diwali dressing

Dazzle in Couture Mantra// Diwali Look 2.0 //

Hola, loves!
I am writing this article in major awe. As it turns out, I have found the perfect modern era, traditional clothing line. Make way for Couture Mantra by Kiran Lally. She is a fashion designer based in Melbourne. When we decided on working together, I was spoilt for choice on which outfits to style. But the second I saw this Neck Deep, Floral Lehenga, I was stunned.
I found an outfit that at once has a modern, yet very ethnic touch. This outfit came with a blouse that fits like a crop-top. What I absolutely love about this outfit, is that each piece by itself allows you the opportunity to restyle it with another from her collection. Since it is an international design, it suits all genres of clothing and won’t be a challenge to style in other ways. I went super subtle with the accessories and makeup, since I wanted to emphasise the outfit and the mood. As I flaunted my blue Ray Bans on a bright sunny day, everything about this outfit made me extremely thrilled. I would say this is my perfect Diwali outfit as I could shamelessly mix and match, and always dress it up a notch higher, or tone it down, as per the occasion.
I totally recommend that you go straight to their page and check out their collections – you never know. You might find that outfit you have been looking for. I know I did. 🙂
I was lucky enough to shoot with the very talented Arpita, one early, windy morning. And I could not be happier with the outcome.
You will see many more association posts with Couture Mantra. Stay tuned, and have a look at my social media.

@StyleMeAria – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.
FEATURING – Clothing – COUTURE MANTRA https://www.facebook.com/couturemantra%20// https://www.instagram.com/couturemantraofficial

Styling and Makeup – StyleMeAria
Photography and Concept – Arpita https://www.instagram.com/passionographer7/

Assistant Photographer – Mohit https://www.instagram.com/mohith287

Have a wonderful Diwali week, and let us all be PATAKAS ourselves, and not light any. <3 x

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