My name is Aria Krishnamurti. For all those who know me, you know that I am utterly lit-up when it comes to anything to do with fashion or any new artsy idea. But let’s talk about who I really am.

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Christmas 101

Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind / London Edition/
This Christmas, I’m bringing to you so much, straight from the land of Christmas and everything sparkly. I’ve been in London for the season and it has taken me a while to create content for you all, since everything is just so overwhelming, and I wanted to be in the present and experience everything before I could document it for all of you.
It is the season of love, laughter, red, and all things ‘shopping’. We just had the craziest Black Friday deals, where I shared some of the stores I like through my social media. Fortunately, I have such a close #StyleMeAria family who are sharing my adventures (not just shopping-related) with me virtually.
I will be doing a series of posts with snippets from my London trip. To start with, this is one association I shot at Neal’s Yard. For all of you who know London, Neal’s Yard is a beautiful corner tucked away in Covent Garden, which has Neal’s Yard remedies, healthy good food, and a lot of picture-perfect photo booths, for all your “touristy” shots.
I’m so lucky to witness the early stages of Christmas here. Every street is oozing with character, and each street is competing for the “who does Christmas lights best?” title!
I have worn this beautiful red top from Tosphop, which I carefully wore with many layers. Mind you, you can’t dress foolish in this -1 degree weather!
The outfits I’ve worn have all been featured on my social media platforms, which I’ll be breaking down for all of you.

In true Christmas spirit, I’m sending you lots of love. Stay tuned for many more posts!
London is always a major experience for me. Mostly it is a rejuvenating date. To get fresh ideas, inspire you, me, and my creative mind.
StyleMeAria is going strong! Like they say, Christmas is not a time nor a season. It is a feeling, and it’s a feeling that is here to stay in my life and my feed.
More soon,A x

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