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Winter wonderland – London

*Winter Wonderland*, Dressing for -1 degrees, Ice Staking at Somerset House, and so much more! / London Edition /

Hi lovelies! Thank you so much for all the love you showed on my latest post. Today, I would like to take you all with me on a crazy day I had.

If you come to London and leave without doing the following, you simply have not lived fully!

When it’s -1 degrees Celsius outside, you wouldn’t think of dressing up cute now, would you? Comfort over style, of course. But not really! I can give you a million ways to dress up in beautiful layers of clothing and accessories. Since layering is a key factor, you must layer yourself up thoroughly. I wore a croptop from Primark. I wondered how I would wear it because while I found myself in love with the piece, it is simply too cold here to wear it! It is clearly a summer layer. BUT that’s when my creative mind spoke to me. I figured that I could layer it on my turtleneck, since it would definitely add more beauty to the outfit.

I have been waiting to go ice skating in London for the longest time. We went to the magnificent ice rink in Somerset House. At first I was so skeptical about getting on the ice but decided to put my phobias to rest and put on some skates. Believe it or not, I picked up ice skating quite quickly. (Well, I admit it was after spending 20 mins in the kiddie training section). Somerset House was so colourfully lit up, and there was an enormous Christmas tree, which instantly lifted everyone’s mood, along with the classic christmas tunes, and cheer.

After our satisfying skating session, we decided to walk towards Hyde Park, where the Winter Wonderland Carnival is on in full swing.

Mulled wine, Hot chocolate (Refer to my image above), ice bars, rollercoasters, oh my! That was what Winter Wonderland felt and looked like once we entered. Winter tunes, tents with bonfires (where everyone was huddled, since the weather outside made it quite hard for people to venture outside!!).

What a fun day, full of fulfilled winter dreams!

Like I said, Christmas is a feeling. An emotion, not just a season. Lots more Christmas, and Winter posts coming up, so stay tuned.

That’s all for now! x

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