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Bricklane tales – London

/ Brick Lane Tales / London Series

It was a cold Winter evening. It was already starting to get dark around 4 pm when we headed to Brick Lane with our cameras and our gloves, all set to capture the real essence of the streets.

As you may know, Brick Lane in East London is the centre of all things Artistic. A must-see if you are visiting London. The people, the markets, the graffiti, the vintage stores, the food joints, everything has its own authentic style. A style that has a lot in common with my style.

I decided to style this H&M Look, as seen on the displays of the stores on Oxford Street. This power pink raincoat is a blend of two or more of the following materials: Cotton, Polyester, Nylon. Raincoats are obviously made to repel water. Now what I found extremely fascinating is that this raincoat is also made of Lace. LACE, YES LACE. This uber stylish coat reminds me of Japanese fashion, since it has a lot of layering involved in its design.

There are many styles of Street fashion

in Japan

that are created from a mix of both local and foreign labels. Some of these styles are extreme and avant-garde, which is just my kind of style!  I thought it would be fun to take a little look at the fashion themes of Japanese styles, since I find them so inspiring (



Containing many different themes within its boundaries, Lolita has become one of the larger, more recognizable styles in Japanese street fashion and is now gaining interest worldwide. The more well-known styles within Lolita fashion are as follows:

  • Gothic Lolita – is Lolita with a heavy influence from the Eastern and Victorian Goth style. Often characterized by dark colors, crosses, bats and spiders, as well as other popular gothic ‘icons’. Victorian iron gates and architectural designs are also often seen in dress prints. Skirts are usually worn knee length with petticoats beneath for volume. Blouses or shirts are lace-trimmed or ruffled in the Victorian style. Knee length socks with boots, bonnets, brooches, and a parasol finish out this style of Lolita.

The next style that I feel is so me in this post, is Sweet Lolita:

  • Sweet Lolita – is the most childlike style, mostly characterized by baby animals, fairy tale themes and innocent, childlike attire. It was originally inspired by Victorian children’s clothing and Alice in Wonderland. Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma and other cute pop culture characters are popular among the Sweet lolitas. Pastel colors are used, as well as other muted colors like black and dark reds and blues. Large headbows, cute purses, elegant parasols and stuffed animals are popular accessories for Sweet Lolita.

And then there are:

  • Punk Lolita – An experimental style, mixing the influences of Punk with Lolita. It can sometimes look deconstructed or crazy, while keeping most of the ‘Lolita silhouette’.
  • Classic Lolita is very traditional. It is more business-like and focuses on light colors such as, blue, green, and red.
  • Kodona, a.k.a. ‘boystyle’ and ouji, is a more masculine counterpart of lolita, influenced by Victorian boys’ clothing. ‘Prince pants’, which are short capri-style pants that are cut off the knee, usually with some sort of detail (such as lace-edged cuffs) are commonly worn with masculine blouses, top hats, knee socks etc.

I feel this post has a very ‘Sweet Lolita’ vibe, and I’m loving the muted pinks and dark maroons combination.

A lot of you have asked me about these earrings, I will let you know through social media where they are from. Since they are a gift from someone. They’re absolutely gorgeous, right?

This is all for now. A lot more coming soon, so stay tuned.

Till next time, x

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