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Sparkle Icious Mornings

Sparkle-icious Mornings with Pretty Secrets –

One fine morning, I decided that my Pretty Secrets Satin PJ Set was in for an adventure. Fun slumber parties include turning the galaxyand stars into cover ups for dark circles. Summer Satin is always a pleasure to style, since it is one of the biggest trends till date: bringing your nightwear outdoors, and styling it so you slay all those trends you’ve seen online or offline.

Pairing the satin PJ set with this sheer party top was all the styling it needed. And the futuristic metallic makeup goes hand in hand with the satin and sparkle.

These vintage sparkly boots that I am wearing are my spirit boots. I’ve worn the living daylights out of them, with every sort of outfit! This outfit seemed fun to style them with, since, as you can see, I have maintained a lot of colour in this futuristic theme, playing with glitter, stars, and metallics.

This Pretty Secrets Pyjamas suit is ideal for anyone who loves comfort and satin. They’re wonderfully 80s and they are here to stay!

If you want to buy yours, BUY IT HERE :


And please tag me in your images, if you happen to buy this set and style it! 🙂

That’s all for now. x


Worked with the best team –

Arpita with her camera magic! 

 Radhika with her face and hair magic! 

Tagging them below. 

Instagram accounts – https://www.instagram.com/passionographer_/ 


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