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A Wedding Affair with Abhinav Mishra / The Deccan Story
Abhinav Mishra’s label is a collection of glamorous Indian wear. His inspiration comes from Indian art and architecture, which is complemented by beautiful pastel tones, textures and intricate embroideries.
I recently visited the Deccan Story and realised that I had not explored the designer collection by Abhinav Mishra. His newest collection ‘SAHIBA’, is full of pastels and bright embroidery, showcasing a nice balance of morning/ afternoon tones as well as evening tones. Lots of natural fabrics for the summers, as well as some mirror work and detailing, which make the collection a little more festive, and more versatile for different sorts of occasions.
As you can see, I’m adorning this beautiful peach lehenga. It is fully embroidered and the skirt is made from tulle, which has to be my favourite fabric for a lehenga as it has such an elegant touch to it. This silhouette completely complemented my body structure and gave it a nice shape. That is what a good lehenga does. I felt like an absolute princess in this outfit.

I would certainly recommend to every girl looking for the perfect lehenga – head to the Deccan Story to find your Abhinav Mishra ensemble.

Featuring – Abhinav Mishra for Deccan Story store, Hyderabad.

Photography – Arpita, https://www.facebook.com/arpitapatelpassionographer/

Styling and Makeup, Yours Truly. x

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