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A Day In The Novotel Airport, Property ( Staycation) Hyderabad.

I was invited to the very efficient and gorgeous property from the Accor, Novotel team. EverythingAria, checked into this property for a full day and night, experience.

I was welcomed by a gorgeous customised set up in my room, with my logo, and name engraved on those candy, and macaroons. The minute i stepped in, i knew this was going to be a very unwinding and happy staycation with Novotel, Airport. I got a great room on the 6th floor, overseeing the greenery and the pool area, which was perfect as i got such a great view to overlook. I freshened up and headed to lunch at the buffet restaurant called Food Exchange. Every Novotel property has one of these.

After Lunch, i took a small nap, and then headed to the pool, the pool is the centre of attention at this Novotel property, as its situated near the airport, the calming effect was very visible as theres no noise, or disturbance, and its tucked away in a very cool area near the airport.

Mentioned in the Novotel Airport, OOTD BLOG about all the outfits i wore. πŸ™‚ have a look!

Right after the pool session, we heading for some high tea, at the outdoor setting, it was a pleasant evening, and there was a lot to look forward to. I absolutely love tea, its a new fondness, so i ordered the strawberry lime, tea, along with some strawberry shortcake. There were paneer skewers, there were baked corn, there were some vegetarian appetisers.Along with tons of tea cake, and flavourful tea, of quite a few kinds. Attached are some images from the high tea, do have a look. And if you are planning on coming here around 4-5 pm, you must have yourself a high tea date.

Once i was done with tea, i went to freshen up, and change to my millionth outfit πŸ™‚ We were invited for dinner at the food exchange for a unique tasting of a few selective dishes from the chefs complimentary kitchen. All these dishes were made as complimentary dinner for me and my friends. When you talk about a buffet dinner, you would expect everything on the dishes yes? Well that is precisely what had happened, we had so much to choose from, and so many varieties. I ran out of taste buds, kidding. But we were made to try a unique Mediterranean shwarma, along with some continental, salad with avocado, and fancy herbs. We tried some Hyderabadi, Biryani along with some salan, and an entire tray of delicious desserts. Do have a look at the images below, and make sure you don’t drool . πŸ˜›

That was such a good meal, at the food exchange at the Novotel. Fast forward to the morning when i had a goodnight’s sleep, and woke up to the most gigantic breakfast. You name it and it was laid out for us to try and devour. I am not going to say anything, i’ll just add the pictures below and you can have a look at this 5star meal we had, they say breakfast for the champions? well you bet it is!

I Would like to let you know, that every experience of mine, with Accor, Novotel is always an experience i look forward to, and take back with the happiest smiles. I would like to thank the entire, Novotel team, for the warmest hospitality, and love they always show whenever i visit them for a staycation or even for a simple meal. Their need for detail is insanely amazing. Everything was done to the level of a perfectionist.

Do visit this amazing property. And have a look at the Accor website to book either of these places, since they do have some cool offers going on. head now πŸ™‚ https://www.accorhotels.com/india/index.en.shtml

There’s lots more brewing where this came from. So stay focused and do keep your eyes open for all the content coming your way from us!



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