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Lo Chali Main, Dili / Travel with #EverythingAria

An annual trip to Dili was pending and i was supposed to go all out. So i was visiting dili a few months ago, but before that the last time i went to our capital city was when i was 10 years old. So phew! A lot has changed and come to my notice. I’m always fascinated with Dili, for all the rich cultures, food tours, and experiences it always holds. Whether you are a newbie, or someone extremely well versed with the city, it always holds grandeur experiences for one. From experiencing the small, gallis, ( lanes) to visiting the historical era and architecture all spread around the city.


Dili Haat, is somewhere you can get multiple jute goodies, along with had sprung jute bags, in all colours and sizes. along with many artefacts and hand made centric goodies. Don’t be fooled, this place is not only shopping proofed, it even has alleys of food vendors who introduce a lot of snacks, and digestive products which you would like to eat after a heavy indian/ dinner or lunch meal. You will find yourself in the hub of indian/ woven jewellery as well as delicate clutches and bags.

Oh, The View!

The view of the sunset over the lake is absolutely gorgeous. Plus, the verdant environs and the aesthetic ruins of the fort itself make it an amazing spot to take in the beauty of nature in all its glory. 
There’s Lots To Do Around It

Being located at one end of Hauz Khas Village, ample eateries, boutiques and antique shops are always a stone’s throw away. You can check outthese options if you want to drink and dine somewhere low-key.

Something i checked out this time, was this artistic district known as : champa Galli, Explored the cutest alleys of Champa Galli! Delhi has never failed to come up with cute little surprises every now and then. So if you are looking to drive away Monday blues or escape for a taco Tuesday or just want an endearing dinky locale to take twee pictures and post it on your Instagrams, I bring to you the lastest fad in town. Champa Galli, it’s your closest art district with a line of quintessential cafes and stores. Aligning your Aesthetics and mood. You must check it out if you are coming or in Delhi 🙂

This one cafe i visited while in Champ Galli was known as : Checked out this cafe @jugmugthela / The cafe was started as a tea stall inspired by the chaupal culture of rural India. The restaurant has a beautiful backyard under neem trees with wooden seating and green plantations. Also, it offers delicious shakes and a variety of snacks; not to forget their very famous masala chai. Not only does it do the best Chai, but it also has tons of cute photo op corners, with inspiration as to why and how this cafe was started. If you are at this district, please do check this cafe out. its an absolute treat to our taste buds, and aesthetics.

I checked out the People tree! This is a design studio which offers hand printed stoles, block t-shirts, khadi apparels and other such similar stuff. It also has junk jewellery, organic skin care products, and published books etc. Its designer, and design enthusiasm heaven, for sure.
Location 📍 Delhi, Champa Galli

According to the Department of Historians and Archeology the name of the Red Fort was actually Lalkot. Lal Kot, the red coat, which was the first built city of the present Delhi region. After that it was named Lal Quila, also known as red fort. ✋

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