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Exploring the wanderlust lanes of Greece// #StyleMeAriaTravels

I decided to travel to Greece for a holiday along with my family & friends. And since this was one part of the world we have not explored, I was so excited to explore all the picture perfect spots and learn all the history behind, all the monumental places, and historical stories. We visited Athens, Santorini, and the Meteora monasteries.

Our first day was spent in Athens, and we explored the Parthenon, and some lanes of Athens, as you know the city was named and builded in the fond memories of princess Athena. We arrived at our cute Air B&B And settled in the night, and the next morning we worked up an appetite for the entire day of exploring.

The Parthenon is a former temple on the Athenian Acropolis, Greece, dedicated to the goddess Athena, whom the people of Athens considered their patron.

After the Pathanon, we explored some of the quaint streets of Athens, as we had just that day, and we were going for a day long day trip the next day, we explored athens as much as we could, that one day. We ended up in plaka, its one of the coolest places in athens, and had the best cafes and houses situated there.

The next morning, we started nice and early, and were at the train station waiting for our train to Meotora, for a day trip, this trip was pre booked, and normally its done with a bunch of other tourists, it was such an informative trip, as we saw more than 5 monasteries, and understood all the history behind all of them, don’t forget, if you followed me on insta, you would know i conquered my heights fear with how much we hiked up to each monastery. Some pictures from all the visits we made that one day.

This particular monastery was used in one of the James Bonds movies, and this is the James bond monastery overlook.

well, it was a long day of travel back to Athens, we had just a few hours, to make some on the go sandwiches and sleep early for our flight to Santorini, in the morning. we got back to Athens, at around 12 pm Greece time, and we were on our way to the airport at 4am. ( Whoosh) so much for a holiday? well the next destination was SO totally worth it!

enter Santorini!

In Santorini, we did all the sightseeing things, as visited as many beaches as we could. RED BEACH, WHITE BEACH, BLACK BEACH, The lighthouses, the windmills, the picture perfect OIA, where all the blue, and white images are taken for every single instagrammer, or person. Its bustling with tourists, but its the perfect place for meals, and authentic shopping, along with being near the coast. Santorini blew my breath away. And I’m honestly speechless as to what its done to me, so I’m going to link images and you feel the same for yourself here.

We had to get our Schengen visa to go to Greece, the fastest process would be apply as soon as you know you are going to travel, so you are not worried and wondering when your visa would come.

till next time.



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