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JW Marriott Mussoorie Walnut Grove Resort & Spa :

I was invited to stay at the gorgeous JW marriott property in the queen of the hills, Mussoorie. I was so excited to be going to the hills, after almost 7 years, and especially with JW Marriott.

We arrived at 6 am at the beautiful property. We were extremely lucky to be attending their first timer grape stomping and cake mixing event which was amongst the himalayas. I have attended the occasional cake mixes, but this was so unique as it was amongst the mountain ranges, and in such cozy weather.

We got to the hotel, and first thing had a super scrumptious breakfast to feast ourselves for the day we were going to have with the property. We were amongst the Garhwal hills.

This was the sweetest welcome card i arrived to, and then we were taken in the car towards the property.
On the way, we were given these breakfast boxes from the hotel, and i absolutely loved how sustainable and usable the packaging was. Not to mention the food, and snacks were completely polished by us.
Welcome to the queen of the hills 🙂
Had to get photographed here, I mean come on!

We ate this amazing breakfast before we headed for our day, pictures below.

As we got ready to head for lunch, after resting a bit. We went to the Wisteria deck, which is the outdoor restaurant, they have modern Italian food served there. We had some amazing Caprese, pizza, and some brilliant pasta, of exotic kinds. The tiramisu, was the cherry on top of everything.

After this scrumptious lunch, we quickly hurried to the grape stomping event, And trust me when i tell you, i was so surprised to see this beautiful done up event.

So once the grapes are stomped, and the cake is mixed, its re furnished, and prepared for the wine, and the cake which the hotel then uses for the festivities and gifting during christmas. We had absolute fun, as it was the first time JW did it, in forever.

we called it a night, at their very popular Trout bistro, restaurant. Authentic, indian cuisine was served there, if you love your paneer butter masala, and naan, and different types of kababs, and chicken curries, this place would suit your taste buds. northern garhwali food, that is the cuisine they offer. We absolutely ate till our not only hearts, but stomachs content.

So much respect and kudos to the chefs, for curating each meal, so deliciously and carefully for us. <3

We called it a night, only to wake up to the most adventurous breakfast plans made for us. We were taken to this special experience where we had a breakfast, not besides a stream, but IN IT. We were sitting i the midst of the mountain ranges, and soaking our feet against the gushing cold streams, while we had ready made HOT breakfast all laid out for us. The hike down was quite an experience for me, as I’m afraid of heights. But what we didn’t realise was how the staff of JW managed to pull off all this! Attaching images below.

have a look at this gorgeous view. This is a package you can ask for and do while at JW, but its not something offered, if you are keen on it, you will need to book it in advance for all the efforts and planning to be done.

After this scrumptious breakfast, we hiked back up, and took the car to the property. Where, we could not really think of lunch for a couple of hours, so we used to play area and tried out some fun activities, like paint ball, archery, table tennis, and a few other activities.

We were part of the housie experience, that happens every evening for all the residents around the property. Along with some garhwal tea and Himalayan ranges of mountains surrounding us.

After some relaxation, we had the stomach and energy for a quick traditionally curated lunch, we went to the buffet restaurant for a proper garhwali thali, which i did not except to be so full of flavour and tradition. The rotis used, the rice, and the curries all were sourced and made from people from the villages close by. That made the food, and the meal so much special. Absolutely loved our huge thali. I actually finished most of it, which is surprising for me. This was one of highlights of our trip, since we could smell, and taste the essence of the tradition and culture from this sole meal itself.

AFTER THIS MEAL, WE SNOOZED SO BAD. Man, all this food just made me lie on the bed for the longest time. I was food coma-ed out. We took the evening as a relaxing hour, and took walks, and went for a quick swim. That was our last night at JW, so we made special dinner plans, with the gracious, staff and people at JW. We made reservations at their widely known pan asian dining restaurant. Tappen, it was one of the only genres of food, we did not try while there, hence that was our dinner plans.

As we arrived half food coma-ed, and fresh as much as we could seem, we were greeted so sweetly by the staff and they brought in some amazing soup, and some fried tofu. TRUST ME, that was the best order on the menu that evening.

we had a little of jasmine flavoured rice and curry, along with different sorts of dumplings. We ended this meal with some fried ice-cream, it was so so worth it.

The night ended with a sweet and very full and happy tummy note. As the morning came by, we were all set to leave with heavy hearts and so many memories.

As someone told me when we got there, JW Marriott Mussoorie, is known and tailor made to send you away with pleasant memories and fond interactions. That is exactly what we got.

I would like to SEND HUGE HUGS AND LOVE TO the entire JW Marriott Mussoorie, team. Special thanks to Pratyush the executive marketing manger, and Chef Simran! They were the backbones for this entire FAM TRIP. This could not be done or experienced the way i did, without these amazing souls.

I would love to come back and experience this in different moods & seasons. NO NEW YEAR, OR CHRISTMAS PLANS? You don’t need to look at those overpriced abroad trips, when we have such beauty and 5 star quality hospitality in the midst of the mountains in Mussoorie.

This is all for my travel, and updates on properties for this time. xx





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