My name is Aria Krishnamurti. For all those who know me, you know that I am utterly lit-up when it comes to anything to do with fashion or any new artsy idea. But let’s talk about who I really am.

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This is a super personal piece of writing. And i know everyone in their space, and field and life have those phases where its all saturated and done. What do you do when you feel like this? You give up, or you fight the messy choatic mind you have? or sleep to avoid the sleepless, insomniac nights you have? There are so many of us, who fight in different ways, whatever works best for you to battle the storm and come out stronger and better.

Sometimes the storm takes time to pass, it comes on and off in phases. That is the most different challenge, because this is when you are constantly fighting the storm, which you feel is never ending.


When this happens, with you. TAKE A PAUSE. BREATHE. ask yourself if this is worth it? and if your answer is yes, then leave everything and just take a break. I know, i know. taking breaks are not something we all can afford, mentally and time wise. But when you fall, you cant just get up, temporarily and wipe your hands. You need to take time, analyse your wound, and the pain source, and then take action towards that. I know its easier said than done, but you know what?

I recently learnt. If you are feeling shit, and you are dwelling in it, and thinking you need to be proactive to feel the pain and thoughts you are going through, you need to GET UP, AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. But the more you are INVESTING time and energy in feeling shit, and crying in your pool of tears, you are not nurturing yourself to feeling better. You are only making it harder for you, and the ones around you.

My girls and i came up with this concept and shot it with the brilliant Shreyak, and conceptualised the entire shoot, from start to finish. I personally am feeling saturated and stuck in life, hence I’m here opening my heart to you, my world. And letting you know, you are definitely not ALONE.

BE YOURSELF, DONT BE THEM. Don’t let the insecurities iche you, or become the better of you. Everyones in this life, fast paced and trying to excel in whatever they are doing, I’m not saying thats a bad thing. BUT take a minute and stop and stare if thats the only thing your lonely life has to offer? If that is so, you definitely are not living your life, as per ” living to the fullest”

I am no expert, neither am i, those self help book readers. I am just passing whatever I’ve learnt or attempted to learn from whatever I’m been facing, and I’ve seen my friends and family face.

Don’t let life pass you, and you say oh, i tried.


This is coming from someone who is mentally not feeling their best, but you cant forever sit in your shell of misery and feel sorry for yourself.

Live and let live.

I love you 🙂

If you could design your life, how would that look like? I will leave you to that thought. x

That’s all for now.


credits :

photography – https://www.instagram.com/shreyaksingh/

Outfits – https://www.instagram.com/dmrinlabel/

Jewellery – https://www.instagram.com/sheetalzaveribyvithaldas/

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