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Do Makeup & Skincare Go Together?

Do makeup & Skincare have a relationship together? Or are they two different formulas, we use? Well it is told if you are using the perfect skincare which suits and makes your makeup sit well, then its a combination match made in heaven. I understand the market pressure, as everyday there are new products being released. But These are the skin care predicts and makeup products i have been swearing by. You don’t need 100 odd products, just the right ones should be okay, and work for you.

This glamglow, solution works wonders on my skin, as its made for a natural highlighter, and for the natural face glow that you would require. I needed to get it as it was useful on the kind of skin i have. which is a mix of dry and oily, but this solution does some brilliant magic on his face.

I have been using the clique foundation and concealer, as its the best texture I’ve found in terms of cover up makeup. If you are looking for a no makeup, makeup look cover up? look no further! As this clique combination is absolutely brilliant.

THE CLIQUE MOISTURE SERGE. Can you even debate on it? I got the pack with a night mask, the moisture serge, along with this day time serum. It makes for the perfect skin, attention. As it repairs, redefines, and demolishes the uneven skin textures.

If you are talking about makeup and skincare going hand in hand, have you tried the smash box photo finish primer. If you have not, this must be on your vanity, because this is what is missing in your makeup stash.

All these products work on my skin, but theres no confirmed assurance it will work for you, but i just felt like putting this across for my stylemearia, everything aria family!

I wanted to make a blog for this, as these are my December and 2019 picks! Of what worked on my skin!

Hope you like it.

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