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Celebrating Galentines Day #SistersoverMisters //

Whats Galantines day? oh its only the best day in the whole year. Every February 13th, My lady friends and i leave our husbands and boyfriends at home for the day, and we just come out and kick it up breakfast – style. ladies celebrating ladies, Its like Lilith fair, minus the angst plus frittatas. I celebrated this day with my most amazing Og girls, Chandana and Sowmya!

Ditch, fancy breakfast and brunches and explore the authentic options like, breakfast at Udupi Bandi! Yes, with my OCD kicking in, i could not experience this as much as one must, but when the company is so encouraging, you make memories on the go. With these girls, by my side. We planned to have the perfect start to our Galentines day celebrations.

Jammies, OOTD : Jammies : Forever21, top : Splash Fashions , Slippers : china, markets.

Nails Over Boys :

Which Galentines day, is ever complete without getting cute manicures together. We headed to the lovely Nail Talk – in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. We absolutely loved the decor and aesthetics since it vibe-d with our mood & feelings. As said, A manicure can help reduce anxiety and improve your mental health, especially with your girlfriends.

We colour coordinated our clothing. And what I’m wearing for the nail date is as mentioned below :

Dress : Lulu & Sky, Boots : Topshop, white polo neck – Forever21, Skull earrings : London, Market

Shopping is always a good idea :

As the caption of this sounds, we then headed to shop, a bit. And take wind blowing hair flipping images, for the gram 😛 . As everyone says, shopping is cheaper than therapy, shopping is cardio for a reason. Splurging a little, is what equals to pampering yourself on the one day, we celebrate ladies!

What i Wore : Top : Streetstylestore, skirt, primark, earrings and necklace SheIN! <3

Once we were done with this, we wanted to end the day being childlike, and doing something extremely fun and out of our comfort zone. We headed to the gaming arcade. Well, playing video games, and imaginary basketball, and air hockey, that i totally kicked arse in, ask my girlfriends. 😛 was on our itinerary for the day.

Just One More Game :

What I wore for the gaming Fun :

T-shirt : Forever21, Skirt – Streetstylestore, earrings & necklace – SheIN.

With this, I PRESENT TO YOU, our Galentines post & Celebrations.

P.s We made a deal ages ago… men, babies, it doesn’t matter. We’re soulmates.” – Samantha

As sex and the city preaches, girlfriends are forever. And I’ve found the perfect ones, to spend my life with. Sowmya, and Chandana, i could not have imagined going this post, or this friendship with anyone else.

For Sowmya’s & Chandana’s outfits & Blogs, check these links out : Sowmya https://somystyles.com & https://www.thegirlatfirstavenue.com

Photography by the very patient and cool – VASU GOPU


I hope you had fun reading this, as much as we had curating, ideologically planning this, shooting it, and writing and putting it out here for you.

Happy Galentines day! Spent it with wise people 😉


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