My name is Aria Krishnamurti. For all those who know me, you know that I am utterly lit-up when it comes to anything to do with fashion or any new artsy idea. But let’s talk about who I really am.

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How I’m functioning while the pandemic :

Hello world, its been a while. And i honestly did not write here for the longest time, is because i genuinely had not much to say. While the world is battling this disease that has been caused and hit the entire globe right now, Everyone has been put into a lockdown, something that has made things difficult, i know we come from privilege and a sense of belonging,

But some of things you can do to heal recover is self indulge, self help, and self motivation. Eat healthy, while a lot of people don’t even have these basic things we take for granted, eat healthy, cook nourishing food and help your family get through this.

We all have the support to talk to our loved ones, and contribute to their lives, in different ways. The only way, i could get through this period, would be through my friends and family. I have been cooking with my mom, and taking this opportunity to kind of cultivate my hand at cooking.

I know this time is such a trying time for all, especially the ones losing their families or friends because of the pandemic, and because of covid 19. I’m not going to talk much about this, as i want to discuss something else. Since we are all locked up, I have been reading, doing therapy, cultivating new habits, i used to be someone who harmed herself because it made me feel calmer, but once i realised I’m risking every relationship by hurting the ones i love, i promised myself that was something i would stop.

Self care, would be taking that warm bath, using face masks, to indulge yourself, or start reading that self help book you have been eyeing. It could mean, doing anything you have been longing to do for the longest time, but had been pushed under because of assumptions, and opinions.

Some of the self help books I’m currently reading and working with :

  1. The Untethered soul – By Michael . A . Singer
  2. Mirror Work – By Louise Hay
  3. The Artistic’s way – By Julia Cameron
  4. You can heal your life – Louise L Hay
  5. You are the Placebo – By Dr Joe Dispenza

All these books can be virtually downloaded online, and you can read them, the artists way and mirror work and untethered soul has some working exercises you can work on.

These work well, if you need to transform into patterns, or get rid of certain patterns, but what you should actually do is, talk to a therapist or a heath professional, and let them evaluate yourself. Some of the books that have been helping me, i go live so many times, and talk about this and so many of you want details on self help/ care books. Whether you are in this pandemic or not, these will always keep you intact, and sane.

Try managing a schedule / time slot for everything in your day, if you have trouble keeping up or doing everything and its causing you anxiety or fear, just focus one thing a day, and accomplish those. You will definitely be closer to helping yourself and less in a problematic state.

I have recently also been reaching out to @Safespacesindia for comfort and to have a chat about your mindset and current situation. Lets get rid of the phobia of therapy and reach out, talk to a friend, parent, or family member, to start with.

I’m always here to discuss/ listen and try managing whatever i can to help you all out.

more on my page @StyleMeAria

My teachers daughter from school reached out to me and wanted to collaborate on something relevant and practical so we brainstormed and she came up with these illustrations and graphic work.

Her Instagram handles are, @nayonikagoud and @noni.illustrations. she works with all kinds of graphics and digital media illustrations that can be used for online publishing and print. You should check out her page, she’s a newbie, and has just started up, but i feel you should always give newbies chances, and collaborate as much as you can. Thank you Nayonika, for bringing my ideas to life.

Ending this conversation with another image, this other newbie artist did for me, her name is Ishneet! her page is https://www.instagram.com/ishneet.ahluwalia/

Check it out.

Till next time, stay home, stay safe. Wash your hands.

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