My name is Aria Krishnamurti. For all those who know me, you know that I am utterly lit-up when it comes to anything to do with fashion or any new artsy idea. But let’s talk about who I really am.

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Locked Down – Physically, Emotionally, and CREATIVELY

It’s been ages since i came over here and wrote a little something, i have been all consumed by my social platforms. ignoring of the fact that i started on this website, and wanted to direct my energy on here. The most underrated strength, I’ve had to have these past few weeks.

Your social media, tells another story all together, but the fact of the pandemic and this year, locking us in, for our safety just feels a bit bizarre. Like, can we cancel 2020? But actually speaking this year has been such an eye opener for so many people. Expressing their views on topics, they have never touched or even expressed about, earlier. This year is making us all headstrong and view life, without those rose tinted frames. The truth of the life, we live are finally catching up with us.

I have finally made use of those Youtube workout videos, and i am taking social media breaks, whenever there is a wave of overwhelm. We all have our own versions of deep breathing and riding this year, I’m not here to give you tips, or ask you to read books to get yourself in order, rather I’m looking for a canvas to vent and spread my creativity.

Between finishing off, those Netflix lists, to making every styling video, or Tiktok beauty trend, i have started getting a little bored and overwhelmed with content all round. Its all repetitive and trends that seem more like fad. I have made that Dalgona, coffee, those Avocado toasts, I’ve recorded cooking videos, I have read every freddy Birdy post. But this lockdown seems so much more than just the surface sort of survival. I don’t want to make this about all the world suffering, we have tons of portals for that, and the ever lasting news. Its great to be smart and educate yourself, but sometimes an overdose can just trigger you, and put you into square one.

Watching the sun go down, and start a new day is what I’m truly grateful for. There’s a reason, we are becoming stronger by this year, and this post was just meant to be a canvas for me, to vent and say hello, to my blog family.

I will take sometime to create content on all platforms, but slow and steady is the motto for this year and continuing.

Love & light.

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