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\\Toxic content of certain commercially available fairness creams in the market//

 India’s fairness cream market is evolving at rapid speed, fuelled by television advertisement by the celebrities and the rapidly changing lifestylesIndians are witnessing a paradigm shift from traditional methods of using home products to modern methods of using branded cosmetics and fairness cream to become fair. The multi-million-dollar skin fairness product industry has also been criticised for perpetuating racism and social inequalities by reinforcing beliefs about the benefits of skin fairness for cultural capital.

Though, protests have been done against the fascination for fairer skin, especially over social media. Also, many campaigns were launched against racist advertisements by Fair & lovely, Fair & Handsome, Garnier, Neutrogena, etc. For instance, actress Nandita Das who is often referred to as Dark in magazines and newspapers, is actively involved in the campaign “Dark is Beautiful”. Still, Indian women somewhere are attached to the use of fairness cream in their day to day life. The announcement comes as the Black Lives Matter movement continues to get traction around the world.
“This is a bold and welcome move, given the numbers that the brand does in the country. Having said that, it’s not just about the rebranding of the label but how they craft their marketing communications,” she said. “If they start (making such changes) now, we can achieve this in possibly a decade.”My two cents on this topic!

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