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//Fashion Spins for Millennials//‘Millennial…

//Fashion Spins for Millennials//

‘Millennials’ are creatures reaching young adulthood in the early 21st century. 

So how does one go about choosing an outfit these days (assuming you care to express yourself through what you wear)? Millennials don’t just ask their friends for opinions when it comes to choosing their outfits, they check fashion blogs, browse through pictures on Pinterest, and often take and share pictures of what they like in a store, before purchasing it. 

Millennials are changing the world, and the world is changing for millennials. Whether they like it or not, every industry has had to adapt to the unique qualities and tastes of this new generation. Of course, the fashion industry is not an exception, and may even reflect a unique manifestation of the rapid changes brought about by this rising demographic of consumers. Here, we will look at how millennials are influencing and shaping the way the fashion world works.

When it comes to fashion and shopping, there isn’t a more important demographic for retailers to reach than millennials. Their influence on the market has even gone so far as to alter the language that brands use when discussing target audiences. In fact, the term target audience has shifted 
in order to account for millennial attitudes.

For example, a 50-year-old man may be just as motivated by his latest Fitbit as his 25-year-old son. This mindset is founded on six core principles: Social presence, Connectedness, Innovation, Trustworthiness, Purpose and Accessibility.

Fashion is personal and personalized

Although high quality is still important to millennials, they aren’t as concerned with touting name brands across their chests. 

 “I don’t follow trends; I like to have my own personal style.”

To stay on the forefront of these modern marketing trends, it is imperative to tap into your millennial audience for inspiration and research. Too often, brands assume they know what is best for their consumers. However, inviting millennials to participate in the creation of their own brand journey will be what sets your business apart.

These looks were created about half an hour before the shoot, so I’m pretty impressed with the outcome. That’s my fashion spin for today! What’s yours?!

Millennials fashion statements

Before delving deep into how millennials helped in the rise of fashion, we must get an idea about their fashion philosophy. These youngsters have a different take on styling and attire. The dressing sense of baby boomers and millennials is very dissimilar. While baby boomers were rigid in their fashion approach, millennials don’t shy away from making bold fashion choices. Earlier, professional space meant suits, formals, and pantyhose. The management back then supported only formal dressing. Now, 83% of offices have changed their policies. Millennials prefer a relaxed working environment. Thus, they require casual or semi-formal clothes to go with the mood.Millennials, make their statements, they don’t shud away from making any statement. They create statements, and trends, they don’t follow any. 

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