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Mockup Of 2020// YES Is The New No!

Welcoming the new year may feel a bit different this year, given the challenges of 2020 and the inability to celebrate together. Yet those who are not so lucky to have more than survived YET LIVED this year without their loved ones, I’m sending my heart out to you.

For many people, the yearly date change, adding one more year to life’s tally, puts a greater focus on long-term goals than busy lives usually allow. For many, this leads to the tradition of New Year’s resolutions, a chance to consider our progress on becoming the “ideal self” many people hope to achieve by the end of their days. But 2020 was one such year, of ever lasting firsts. Personally, I’ve achieved a lifetime of love in 2020, I got engaged to the man of my dreams, I’m going to become a masi ( aunty) very soon, my family fortunately amidst the global pandemic, flew to be with each other, and after our mandate quarantine we’ve checked in to be absolutely well, and healthy. ( Touchwood)

As i write this on a whistling cold, winter night. With my hot tea and Pakodas, around me. I’m going to tell you a bit about the moulding of 2020. People replacing their expensive taste, for sanitisers, and masks, and 90% alcohol killing bacteria. Kids, learning to contain themselves to the 4 walls, we know as adults. They have not seen the daylight of what the outside world looks like, since 2019, last year in all hindsight. Adults, Doing a quick BRB, between work schedules, to become a day and night saver for their child. Teachers, putting their personal life at stack, only to learn and adapt to the “new normal” ways of teaching. Schools, going online, shopping, necessities, doctor appointments, all the things we dreaded, and looked for an excuse to do on a daily basis, has now become an all time screen fixation, and extra screen hours. Surviving, NOT, BUT HAVE LIVED has become the new normal, the smallest of whims, now seem a decade old, and treasures, like bonding and, love are the real factors. Several years ago, i mean like one year ago, you would have taken traveling, food, the latest iPhones, at a click of your finger tips for granted. The real hidden gems, are fostering and caring for a relationship, learning to communicate without an ego, learning to tell someone you appreciate them when you feel the urge to. YES IS THE NEW NO, when i say this, i mean even if it pained you till your gut, this year you were willing to foresee and do it. Whatever it may have been, you were willing to take chances, You were willing to always say yes, even if you were terribly scared, and you had no choice. Yet you did it.

The union of this year, was partnership. It was facing everything together. We may all be different human beings, preaching and residing different things, but this year made us utterly emotional about our loved ones, and self being, and safeguarding our lives. The pandemic has taught us the most important lessons, that no academic education, or course could. Its a lesson, learnt the hardest way. For some, bittersweet ways, for some in harder, grave situations, for some while mourning, and for some while being sunshine, whilst a stormy day out.

Definitely a lot of banana bread was made in 2020, But other than that, LOT OF LAYERING WAS MADE TO DO IN 2020. Layering as a person, layering your emotions, your physical strength, your basic survival. If you have made it this far, trust me! This is where you need to understand the greatness that this year brought to you. while i say greatness, being equipped emotionally, leaning for someone else, being their shoulder, taking care of your family, and you. You have done it all, even when your mind and heart said NO, you took that and said YES.

Hence, 2020 WAS THE NEW YES, OF THE NEW NO. You pushed yourself beyond your boundaries, you unparalleled lived, some alone, some with family, and some did not get to. this year, has converted the non spiritual ones, into blessed beings, and ones who are now grateful for this opportunity.

For those who lost, someone, or family, or friends, I’m sending you tons of love, and light at the end of that tunnel. May 2021, give you the strength that some lost, or some gained in 2020.


Next Year.

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