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Locked In London

The lockdown in London, is still very strong and i feel, its going to get even more stricter by the minute. As the cases come to common numbers, and lessen by the second, now that the vaccine is in full bloom. As the city sleeps, in all kinds of misery and joy.

I have been someone who has seen London in all shapes and sizes, and zones, and this decedent and quaint and quite city is a sad view for our eyes. As this is one of the most booming cities you would have ever come across.

Park, walks have become the new quarantine activity. As that is the only limited activity you can do while socially distancing yourself. With masks, and all the protective gear you would require. The walks have been enlightening to say the least. The parks in India, where i come from are all so fabricated and made up. But each park in England has such a raw, rustic approach, and looks and feels exactly like the wild woods.

Frequent visits to countryside, drives, soaking in the spirit of what the city like, and country life, was before the pandemic hit us, and everything was at a standstill.

The millennium bridge, was a photo opt, for me. As I’ve been someone who has fancied Harry Potter for the longest time, and absolutely loved all books, and movies. Here is one of the lockdown musings that i found, and found the need to share.

A few lockdown visits, and walks to tower of London, as walking has been the only motivation to seek creativity outside your quarantine bubble. Learning and admiring so much about the English culture. And how people are diving in, and taking all that is coming their way.

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